Timothy D. Cryan
Lighting Design Portfolio


New Works / World Traditions


Choreography: Michelle Bach-Coulibaly
Musicians & Composers:
Moussa Traore: Lead jembe and vocals
Issa Coulibaly: Accompanying jembe and lead vocals
Seydou Coulibaly: joun-joun and vocals
Costumes: Henry Dubois
Lighting & Projections: Tim Cryan

Andros Zins-Browne, Marcie Muscat, Yaya Johnson , Jonah Rosen,
Erich Ludwig, Allison Harris, Jori Ketten, Leta Malloy, Jenelle Phillip,
Mia Simring, Lauren Hale, Kelly Jackson, Martha Oatis, Yara Perez,
Kyle Shepard, Sarah Burns , Talisman Brolin, Krishna Hathaway,
Alexandra Fidler, Alison Friedman, Adriana Lopez, Crystal McQueen,
Hannah Schwadron,Bridget Stokes, Hentyle Yapp, Alexandra Fidler. ~::~~::~~::~~::~~::~~:~~::~~::~~::~~::~~::~~::~~::~~::~~::~~::~~::~~::~

New Works/World Traditions:
Co-Directed by Michelle Bach-Coulibaly and Seydou Coulibaly is a dance,
theater and music troupe whose aim to explore cultural material through the
development of new theatrical works based in Mande Tradition and American
Modern Dance. Many of their full- length ballets look at the West African
perspective in American Concert and vernacular dance forms. New Works
members have toured throughout America, West Africa and Europe giving
lectures and workshops in Mande culture. Over the past six years,
members of the company have traveled to Mali, West Africa to continue
to do research in Mande Studies.