Timothy D. Cryan
Lighting Design Portfolio


FLAMMA FLAMMA: The Fire Requiem (2002)

Choreographed by:
Michelle Bach-Coulibaly in collaboration with Phillip Contic and Melody Ruffin-Ward .
Composer: Nicholas Lens
Costumes by: Phillip Contic in collaboration with Michelle Bach-Coulibaly
Fabric Painting and Dying by: Melissa Santram, Amy Komarnicki,
Eren T. Butler, Nicole Wee, Heather MacKenzie and Henry DuBois
Wigs and Makeup Design by: Henry DuBois
Signing coached by: Alina Engelman
Lighting: Timothy D.Cryan

New Works, World Traditions

Melody Ruffin-Ward, Michelle Bach-Coulibaly, Alison Friedman and Lauren Hale